Yorkshire boasts a stunning landscape and many cultural and historical gems that are all the more appealing because they don't suffer from the numbers of tourists sometimes found in the south of England. In terms of countryside, there's the Yorkshire moors and dales, and the rugged and charming coast to explore. Then there's the numerous authentically British small towns and stone built villages, to discover. Major cities - Leeds and York, are few and far between and reference the past with their solid wool mills and old factories delivering sweets and railway stock.

Currently The Carter Company offers walking holidays in Yorkshire, with electric bike cycling tours on the horizon, planned for the not-too-distant future. Our trips in the region, as with all our trips, have been carefully created with the thoughtful traveller in mind. After a thorough reconnaissance mission, where we personally walk all our proposed routes, hand-pick our favourite hotels, uncover the hidden gems and get the insider low-down on the best things to see, visit and do in the area, we finally put together an itinerary that we are proud to put our name to. See our Top Trips in the blue box. Happy hunting!