Cycling holidays in The Baltics

Lithuania is the focus of our Baltic cycling holidays. We think it’s hugely under-appreciated as a cycling holiday destination. Why do we rate it so highly for bike tours? For starters, it has warm, albeit fairly short, summers. Occupied by the Russians until as recently as 1990 and with a history of foreign occupation, it’s perhaps surprising to learn that The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe in the 14th Century. Many of their towns, small and large, boast outstanding architecture in their historic quarters, but thanks to funding from Europe, they also have a thoroughly modern infrastructure with good hotels. In developing and renovating their cities, businesses and buildings, they have a remarkable skill in retaining the traditional whilst adding a stylish modern twist. The people are fiercely independent and since 1990 their rich local culture has blossomed once again. Traditional cooking and great service are still highly valued. Much of the landscape remains rural and unspoilt and is not overcrowded with tourists - yet! It also represents excellent value. So now is the time to experience this beautiful and fascinating country.

Expect to encounter wide sandy beaches and dunes, island hopping, colourful timber houses, pine forests, pretty fishing villages and charming boutique hotels. There’s also unique flora and fauna especially bird life and amber in abundance. With relentlessly flat terrain, few cars, and a network of cycle paths, it’s a wonderful place for gentle cycling holidays!

Our Baltics highlights

House signs

In Nida, the main settlement on the Curonian spit, dwellings have unique signs giving the house name.

Included in our The Curonian Lagoon holiday


Almost all the Curonian spit is formed of sand, pushed there by the sea into huge fantastical dunes.

Included in our The Curonian Lagoon holiday


Abundant in Lithuania, two of the best places to see and buy the stone are in the Amber Museum in Palanga or the Fisherman’s Museum in Nida

Included in our The Curonian Lagoon holiday

Thomas Mann's home

The writer Thomas Mann bought this house as a summer escape on the Curonian spit where he loved the natural beauty and shifting dunes. Now a museum

Included in our The Curonian Lagoon holiday

Barnacle geese

Like many other bird species, the geese spend the summer in Lithuania and vast flocks soar above you , noisy and impressive in their sheer number.

Included in our The Curonian Lagoon holiday

painted houses

The many wooden houses, most of which are summer retreats on the island spit are painted in an array of colours.

Included in our The Curonian Lagoon holiday

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