Stack of newspapers and magazines - press coverage for The Carter Company

Below are some links to articles that have been written in the UK and international press about The Carter Company's bike holidays, tours by car and walking holidays. The list keeps on growing but we try to update it regularly. Not all international articles are listed here, so if you speak a language apart from English and want to know if there's an article in your mother tongue on our European cycling holidays and UK walking trips, please contact us and we'll send you what we have.

The Telegraph April 2023
The Financial Times October 2022
The Telegraph February 2021
The Telegraph March 2020
The Telegraph January 2020
The Times January 2020
The Boston Globe November 2019
Travel Weekly September 2019
iNews September 2019
Metro September 2019
Sunday Business Post September 2019
Active August 2019
Berks and Bucks Life July 2019
Woman and Home Magazine June 2019
Dream Vacation Magazine June 2019
Los Angeles Times June 2019
The Guardian June 2019
The Boston Globe April 2019
The Telegraph March 2019
Los Angeles Times March 2019
The Telegraph March 2019
National Geographic February 2019
Active Traveller February 2019
Amuse January 2019
Yahoo Style January 2019
Metro January 2019
Los Angeles Times January 2019
Los Angeles Times October 2018
Travel Weekly September 2018
The Sunday Times August 2018
The Daily Mail July 2018
iNews July 2018
The Telegraph April 2018
The Boston Globe February 2018
Bon Vivant Travel Winter 2017
The Telegraph August 2017
The Sun June 2017
The Telegraph June 2017
Chicago Tribune April 2017
Escapism Magazine April 2017
Sunday Telegraph March 2017
Travel Weekly March 2017
The Telegraph February 2017
The Mail on Sunday December 2016
The Telegraph, June 2016
The Telegraph, May 2016
International Traveller, May 2016
Quantas Australia Travel Blog, April 2016
Vancouver Sun, March 2016
Daily Express, March 2016
The Telegraph, February 2016
Olive Magazine, February 2016
Yahoo! Travel, December 2015
Rad-Wanderweg, November 2015
Maennerformat, November 2015
The Telegraph, July 2015
The Independent, July 2015
Visit South East England, February 2015
Daily Beast, December 2014
Yahoo! Travel, September 2014
Forbes magazine, May 2014
Canadian Living, April 2014
National Geographic, Intelligent Travel blog, April 2014
The Telegraph on our Shakespeare's Way cycling trip, April 2014
The Telegraph on our Lithuania cycling trip, April 2014
The Daily Mail, April 2014
Canadian Living, March 2014
The Metro, Feb 2014
Edge Magazine, Feb 2014
Fiets Actief, Holland June 2013 (PDF, 3.2MB)
Listen to Capital Sport on the radio, April 2013
Discover Devon on two wheels, Evening Standard, 21 March 2013
Travel tips, Royal bike tours, The Times, 9 March 2013
National Geographic Family Magazine, March 2013
Britain Magazine and online review
Independent Newspaper and online review
Telegraph online review
Guardian online review
Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland
Tring, The Netherlands
Old Mutual Bank Magazine, South Africa
Hong Kong Economic Times online review, Canada