Family cycling

Family cycling holidays

Our own family cycling holidays in Europe many moons ago inspired us to set up The Carter Company here in Britain. Why are our holidays particularly family-friendly? Well we've always been gentle cycling specialists. We aim to create easy routes (avoiding big hills and long distances), which are traffic-free wherever possible, allowing ample time to explore, unwind and enjoy the local fare. For our kids, it wasn't cool really to admit they'd been on a family cycling holiday...but the fact is that cycling is a brilliant way of blowing off steam and they do admit now that secretly they loved our cycling trips! Now rated as their best family activity, they have been known to take cycling holidays themselves.

Traffic-free routes are crucial on family cycling trips whether in the UK or in Europe, along with child-friendly accommodation. Listed below are what we consider to be our best family cycling holidays for the under 10s and young teenagers. That said, we have had family groups cycle almost every one of our UK tours and many of our Europe tours, and usually we can provide a range of bikes and carrying contraptions. Electric bikes are not available to those under 16 in the UK. In Europe, the minimum age varies but it is usually 16.

Our child prices are for children aged 12 and under and are based on 2 children sharing a room. As family groups vary, please ask us for your specific tour price.

Under 10s

Whistle-stop Devon You choose how far you cycle. 97% traffic free

A Kent seaside jolly Short distances. Very largely traffic free

Whistle-stop lochs and glens. 97% traffic free with short distances

Over 10s and young teenagers Europe

Highlights of Holland 95% traffic free

The Curonian Lagoon Short distances. 70% traffic free

Over 10s and young teenagers UK

A riverside ride from Oxford More than half traffic free

The New Forest to the Isle of Wight Short distances. 70% traffic free

Devon coast to coast Energetic. 70% traffic free

Oxford and Thames royal palaces Almost completely traffic free

Dorset beaches and the New Forest Several days off with other activities available. 60% traffic free