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Electric bikes

Electric bikes

The Carter Company offers electric bikes on all its cycling tours in Britain and most elsewhere. If you haven't tried an electric bike then you have missed a trick! These heavenly machines are a revelation to all and will give you a proper holiday. Just ask us for availability and price. They are hugely popular!

Our electric bikes are safe and easy to use and your host will run through their use before you set off. You choose how much assistance you require. So if you like pedalling but find slopes tricky, then flick the power on as the slope kicks in and the boost speeds you on your way. What a joy! If you need help with general pedalling then opt for assistance at the start of the day and add a bit more when a slope comes along. You do have to pedal - its not a motor bike, but cycling will never need to be a challenge again.

The image above is a typical looking electric bike with a small battery that you remove each night and charge in your bedroom with a charger we transfer each day with your luggage. Tell us that is nothing short of a dream. We have cycled with so many on their maiden electric bike experience and witnessed their sheer joy and amazement, to know that electric bikes are here to stay.

If you want to read a bit more about electric bikes, then enjoy our blog on the subject here. If you are new to cycling, an electric bike may just speed you on your way to booking a cycling holiday - see our recent blog for helpful tips.