24th February, 2015

A few days ago, Harriet, our design advisor, sent me a link to the wonderful Petalon. Right up our street, I knew we had to share it here on our blog. Petalon is a London flower delivery service, offering 'bouquets by bicycle'. Combining two of our favourite things here at The Carter Company - cycling and nature - we fell in love with the concept instantly. It's a small company, started by a bike-loving family who also run a bicycle manufacturing business called Kennedy City Bicycles.

They offer a simple choice of two different bouquets each week. The flowers are chosen according to what is seasonal and what looks fresh and fantastic at the Flower Market. By delivering by bicycle and limiting choice, they reduce any unnecessary waste and can afford to charge just £25 per bouquet including delivery. But what really caught our attention at Petalon flowers is the curation. These aren't your average florist's bouquets... the team at Petalon clearly have a great eye, and choose beautiful combinations of colours, textures and fragrances, resulting in genuinely sophisticated and original bouquets.

They also have a 'bee friendly' ethos. Every time an order is placed, they make a donation to Capital Bee. Based in South London and Central London, Capital Bee produce their own delicious honey to sell, run courses on beekeeping and keep bees for organisations such as universities, schools and businesses.

So what's not to love? If you live in London, or know someone who does, why not send a beautiful gift of flowers, support a local small business and broader 'go green' initiatives. Along with bicycle couriers in the City, start-ups like these who are choosing to do things a little differently by using bikes instead of gas-guzzling cars, are creating a mini movement, and we love it! Keep up the good work guys.