2nd April, 2014

There are so many brilliant blogs about cycling out there on the internet. As with most things online however, they can be tricky to track down. We thought it would be nice to share with you some of our favourites. It's nice to see that there is a rapidly growing and very vibrant community of bloggers out there flying the flag for all things cycling!

The Carter Company's top cycling blogs

  1. IBikeLondon blog These guys are all about promoting and celebrating cycling in London and the rest of the UK. They have a natty range of IBikeLondon products and regular free social events. Their blog is full of photos of their latest themed rides and other bike-related news.

  2. CycleChic is a girl after our own heart who likes to have fun on two wheels! She loves beautiful bikes and (genuinely) beautiful clothes you can wear whilst on and off the saddle. She's also launching a book, The Girl's Bicycle Handbook which is out tomorrow (April 3rd)! Her blog is both fun and informative. We like it because it makes cycling feel accessible to everyone, not just the lycra-clad road racers.

  3. VeloVogue is a really cool blog that focuses on cycling culture and the way of life cycling inspires. There are lots of fun photos of interesting people on two wheels plus other bits and pieces on cycling culture that provide some real food for thought.

  4. Copenhagenize reaffirms once again that the Scandinavians are leading the way when it comes to the revolution of urban travel. 50% of Copenhageners use a bicycle each day - amazing really isn't it? The blog is full of thoughtful comments and articles on the state of urban cycling today, plus many schemes and initiatives happening in Denmark right now. They also have a sister blog 'Copenhagen Cycle Chic' proving how chic those Danes really are!

  5. Change Your Life Ride A Bike is about the "small shifts in perspective that can come from bicycle riding, and how these can lead to big changes in how we see the world and how we live in it. Changes in our impact on the earth, or even just noticing how nice it is to have the wind in your hair". We couldn't agree more - travelling on two wheels somehow encourages you to slow down and really engage with what's around you, as well as to be more mindful of your own presence. It's a beautiful thing!

  6. Cycle Love, beautifully presented and thoughtfully curated, with a dash of wit thrown in to keep you on your toes, this blog is really a gem of a find and comes very highly recommended by us!

  7. Velo-City-Girl is full of great product reviews and recommendations for cycling-friendly apparel. There's also lots of interesting nuggets of info on cycling culture in London and things for the aspiring cyclist to see and do in the capital. A must read for any girls out there who like cycling and fashion.

Posted by: Iona Carter

Tags: Hidden gems