17th November, 2016

As it's Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought it was a good time for us here at The Carter Company HQ to reflect on who and what we're thankful for. There are lots of people, products and brands who have inspired The Carter Company. When we re-branded a few years ago, we played a game where we had to think what we would be if we were a book, a person, a place, a fruit etc. It sounds a bit eccentric but it really helped us to think about the kind of company we want to be, and the service we want to provide to our customers. It also proved to be rather illuminating in revealing who we take inspiration from. So we thought for this thanksgiving-themed post, we would share some of our biggest inspirations who we (try to!) emulate in everything we do. They're a lot to live up to. But then we are aiming to make our cycling and walking holidays feel like a genuine cut above the rest!

  • Michael Palin
    One of our favourite travel writers and presenters, we love what Michael Palin represents: a sense of adventure, a curiosity and openness to new places and cultures, and a very British sense of humour.

  • Daunt Books
    Daunt Books is an original Edwardian bookshop with long oak galleries and graceful skylights in London, with a special focus on travel. They are also rather famous for packing up purchases in branded canvas bags which have become rather fashionable in certain circles! Their flagship on Marylebone High Street (which is lovely if you haven't been before) is a real treasure trove - head to the back and check out the antique travel books.

  • Aston Martin
    A favourite brand of John's, one of the original founding members of The Carter Company, the Aston Martin embodies a very British kind of elegance. Aston Martins are high-end and uniquely individual, which is exactly what we aim for when designing our walking and cycling holidays. The brand also has an affinity to the area where we are based, Aston Clinton: Aston Hill in the Chilterns is so named because they used to test the Aston Martin cars there!

  • Famous Five
    The Famous Five represent the spirit of adventure we cherish here at The Carter Company. It's one of the key reasons we focus on self-guided cycling holidays and walking tours here. Discoveries are best when you feel like they're your own. Self-guided holidays mean you can explore off route if you so please, and follow your nose - much like Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy did.

  • Brooks
    Brooks has to be the ultimate English cycling brand. Founded on values of quality and integrity, their iconic saddles (and all the other beautiful products they make) are beloved by cyclists all over the country. We love their backpacks and accessories too. If we could choose any cycling brand to do a collaboration with, we would choose Brooks.