Touring holidays in Wales

Wales is an absolute gem of the British Isles. Honestly, we guarantee its raw beauty will take your breath away. It may be a little inaccessible, but those who make the journey are well rewarded. It is also fairly underpopulated - there are four times more sheep than there are people - and wild, which means if you’re looking to get off the beaten track and enjoy a tranquil getaway, it’s ideal. And in terms of landscape, its got it all - with 3 National Parks supporting lush green countryside, stunning coastline, majestic mountains and pretty valleys.

The country has its own unique history and culture, giving the visitor much to explore and learn. Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world and its very friendly people guard its Celtic language ferociously. Artists, alternatives and great singers are drawn to the place and a touring holiday here can include a wealth of experiences with ancient towns sheltering cathedrals, hamlets hiding remarkable mines and the coast boasting wonderful wildlife With the recent addition of a number of boutique hotels, we are thrilled to create a touring itinerary for you.

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Our Wales highlights

St David's Cathedral

Home to The Patron Saint of Wales and the smallest City in the UK, there has been a church on this site in St David’s since the 6th Century

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Steam Trains

Somehow Wales is synonymous with steam trains from Ivor the Engine to 11 little steam railways in stunning locations such as Blau Ffestinniog

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Laugharne (Larne!)

Home to Welsh Bard Dylan Thomas and his favourite watering holes, a medieval castle and more, Laugharne featured recently in BBC Wales ‘Keeping Faith’

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Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe including this World Heritage Site at Harlech - built by Edward I

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Where the mountains meet the sea, with beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets this small town on Cardigan Bay has great shops and restuarants too.

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From the building of Castell Deudraeth in 1188 to the start of the Village as an Italianate architectural experiment from 1925 - Portmeirion is unique!

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