With stays in the finest luxury hotels, traffic free gentle cycle rides to historic villages and towns and long days of relaxation by the pool and at the beach, this is for us a really rather special tour. To this, add wonderful local culinary delights, genteel flat pedalling, and a wealth of history, architecture and wildlife to explore and you have Italy at its very best.

Ravenna holds among its treasures ancient mosaic floors and ceilings, Emilia Romagna is known for its orchards of cherries and peaches, the Grand Hotel in Rimini is a famed film location and Cesenatico has a colourful canal scene. Discover hill top villages, a glorious seaside, olive oil tasting, fishing huts and at the end of the day, more than a bit of luxury to savour and enjoy. Prepare to be charmed by this delicious country.

For further details of your route, see luxury hotel itinerary.

Holiday details

Price from
Luxury £1,435 per person based on two people sharing a room. June and July £2,060. August £2,475
Extras included
Includes one entrance per person to the spa at each hotel.  See what’s included as standard
8 nights
Start & Finish
Starts daily 1 April to end of October. The nearest airport is Bologna, 1 hour from the start and end of the tour
Luxury Three 5 star hotels beside the sea with private beach and swimming pool
Activity level
Gentle cycling (1) More info...
This tour is priced without a guide and you are free to explore on your own.  If you would like a guide for part or all of your trip, we are happy to provide a knowledgeable, local guide
Electric bikes
4 days of cycling 16 - 28 miles (26 - 45 km) of which 3.75 are optional!
Flat with one climb
65% traffic free, the rest largely on quiet backroads
  • Take our airport transfer at the start and end of the tour. 100 euros per person for the return trip to be paid locally