Walking holidays in Suffolk

Suffolk enjoys wide open spaces and chocolate box cottages, often timbered, that cluster around unspoilt village high streets where time has passed by. The coast that is as beautiful as it is occasionally desolate, is littered with long estuaries dotted with old mills and yachts and together they provide a superb backdrop for some very interesting walking and ferry hopping. Spiced with plenty of historical detail and artistic connections, the area has.a slower pace of life and like the rest of eastern England has an enticingly low rainfall. Painters through time have been inspired by its canvas and we are sure you will be too.

Our Suffolk coast holiday is a gem giving you the pick of coastal and inland heath walking. Its a relaxed affair with 2 nights at each stop giving you the choice of relaxing on alternate days or exploring further on foot or by boat. If you fancy combining walking with gentle cycling, our Suffolk seaside jolly is a great choice. Both tours use our favourite hotels and inns in the area; many are very characterful reflecting the quirkiness evident in this part of the world.. A rife arts and crafts culture ensures there is something unusual around most corners. Farm shops abound selling from the cropped fields and orchards with local inns and restaurants offering excellent local organic produce.

Our Suffolk highlights


Just a charming seaside town with a hut lined promenade and pier and old fashioned sweet shop, Squiers. It was home to George Orwell.

Included in our The Suffolk coast holiday


Suffolk is a county of cottages - often but not always constructed of wood with thatch or old tiled roofs. Many have lovely village settings and pretty gardens.

Included in our A Suffolk seaside jolly holiday

Pump St bakery

Orford harbours a local gem of a bakery in its main square. Gorge on pastries, chocolates and more

Included in our The Suffolk coast holiday


The region is famed for its production of some of Britain’s best beers. Spot the now defunct sign of hops drying by these roof vents.

Included in our The Suffolk coast holiday

The Butley oysterage

Nothing better than locally grown oysters from Butley Creek farmed by the same family since the 1950s. Eat them in Orford or buy from Pinney’s their shop there.

Included in our A Suffolk seaside jolly holiday

Woodbridge Mill

Visit the working tide mill on the quayside of the River Deben in the lovely town of Woodbridge. Adjacent are sailing boats old and new

Included in our A Suffolk seaside jolly holiday

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