This famous ancient city sits in the heart of England brimming over with history, culture and stunning surrounding countryside. Oxford is known as the "city of dreaming spires", a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold in reference to the inspirational architecture of Oxford's university buildings. It is the gateway to the Cotswolds but it also embraces the River Thames or 'Isis' as it's known locally. Threading their way through the city, the backwaters and their wildlife add a rural beauty to this corner of England. They also offer quiet cycling and walking paths through the heart of Oxford which we utilise for our routes. You will be in good company on a bike - every Oxford resident and student has one. It's a cycle friendly city and we love it!

Please make sure you spend enough time in Oxford to discover its many famous features as well as its quirks. It boasts historic pubs linked with famous writers, gardens to die for, museums and theatres of all types, ancient college quads and back lanes to explore. Slow down on a punt, dine in a college, sleep in an old prison cell (yes, really!)

Not surprisingly we have many trips by bike and on foot that start and finish in or travel through Oxford.