Our Portugal walking holiday

We have designed this tour to give you an usual view of Portugal's Algarve region - a view so true to the spirit and history of the area you perhaps won't recognise it. Old crafts, set by landscape and natural vegetation are still proudly practised; time honoured recipes remain in tact and the natural rythmn of the countryside flows on uninterrupted. It comes awash with wonderful sun., inland hills and valleys that are charmingly remote, untainted villages, an uncomplicated way of life and locals that embrace your presence. The walking is delightful but not too challenging with long views that inspire and close ups to treasure. You will live simply, eat traditionally and smile genuinely.

The locals' knowledge shared

As with all our holidays, we have tracked the locals' knowledge and we share this in our tour documentation, which you will receive when booking. We also carefully choose where you will rest your head and who will cook you dinner. In fact we know this area of Portugal we operate in like the back of our hand, and we have years of expertise in creating walking holidays.