Our cycling holidays in the Chilterns

A cycling holiday in The Chiltern Hills may not, on first impressions, seem like a good option for those seeking a relaxing break. Luckily we have lots of experience in creating bike routes in this area and sufficient local knowledge to be able to offer some fantastic (and almost traffic-free) itineraries with only a few slopes. Most of the cycling is on quality bridleways, sunken lanes and towpaths.

We do also offer a not-so-gentle (in fact pretty challenging) biking trip in the area for the more ambitious of you out there. Or if you're looking for something in between and a little more tailored to your individual needs, just drop us a line and we'd be happy to design a bespoke trip that suits you.

The Chilterns are an underrated part of England in our opinion. Just as pretty as The Cotswolds but nowhere near as touristy, you really feel like you've got away from it all - and yet it's only a short train ride away from London. A visit to The Chilterns combined with a stay in London would leave you with a real appreciation of all the slices of English life.

In terms of landscape, the area is comprised of chalk downland, dry valleys, pastoral and arable fields, sweeping hills and ancient beech woodland. Choose to visit in May and you are likely to catch the breathtaking bluebells in the woods. Majestic red kites are an increasingly famous resident after a successful reintroduction programme. The Chilterns are fairly sparsely populated but peppered along the route are some very old and very charming towns and villages. At the southern end, The Thames cuts through the landscape making for some extremely dramatic scenery.

Routes begin in Goring or Tring; you can choose between guided and self-guided options and between luxury hotels or classic quality accommodation. Your route directions will be complemented by a Carter Company Adventure Handbook which is packed full of insider tips on the best things to see and do in the area according to local experts.


A snapshot of our favourites are listed below:

-Rumsey's Chocolaterie in Wendover, where you can watch the hand-made chocolates being made whilst enjoying a slice of their delicious coffee cake
-Hell Fire Caves in West Wycombe
-The Leatherne Bottle restaurant by the river in South Stoke