From the peace of the countryside to the bustle of London, the Thames wends its way through ever changing landscapes from its source in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds to its exit in the North Sea. Walking or cycling along the river means that every day you will see something different, but it's always beautiful. Its strategic position in British history has justifiably earned it the description by John Burns of “Britain's Liquid History.” A holiday walking or cycling on the Thames gives you the time to fully enjoy this beauty and history.

Although straddled by a string of iconic towns – London, Windsor, Oxford and more - the overriding feeling as you travel along the river is one of tranquility and rural charm with an abundance of wildlife. Our carefully chosen routes mean you magically avoid the busy thoroughfares and arrive by the quieter backroads.

One of the outstanding advantages of cycling here is the off-road nature of the riding on the many bridleways and tracks. Speed is not of the essence and very little of our Thames cycling routes has any traffic at all - and amazingly, this applies equally in London. For walkers, the river offers an idyllic unhurried route. It has inspired many writers and artists and we are sure you too will be touched by its charm.