If you're looking to immerse yourself in the history of Britain, a cycling holiday along The Thames is a great place to start. The Thames is often described as ‘ Britain's liquid history’, and rightly so. In many ways, it tells the story of the history of England, and in particular our royal history. In the London area, expect to encounter imposing royal palaces at Richmond, Hampton Court and Greenwich and maritime history by the bucket load as you travel through docks, quays, and wharfs. The cycling outside the major towns is equally fantastic. In The Chilterns, you'll weave your way through beech tree woodlands, watch red kites soar overhead and look down over dramatic sweeping landscapes.

Why choose a cycling holiday along The Thames with us?

We're very proud of the itineraries we have created for our cycling holidays in this area - years of experience and thorough field trips have resulted in our unusual one-of-a-kind routes that no other provider uses, mainly along bridleways and tracks. Despite taking in towns like Windsor, London and Oxford, they are (amazingly) rural and almost traffic-free. Avoiding the usual tourist funnels, they bring you into the towns via little-known back streets that afford some fantastic vistas you don't get from the roads - including an incredible view down to Windsor Castle from the Great Park.

We offer a variety of guided and self-led gentle and not-so-gentle cycling holidays along The Thames. There's also plenty of options to skip the cycling and take a boat along the river if you fancy mixing it up a bit.

Routes start in London, Cirencester, Oxford, Richmond or Windsor, and range from short weekend trips and to adventures of 8 nights or more. As always with our holidays, you can choose between luxury and classic hotels.

Your Carter Company Adventure Handbook, which is provided alongside your route directions, will tell you everything you need to know about the history and culture of the area, as well as our own insider tips for the best things to do and see in the area according to locals (rather than the mass-produced guide books). A couple of our favourite things along The Thames are listed below.


-Maple Durham House on the bridleway
-The river around Henley where the regatta is held
-The Perch & Pike, a fantastic, little-known restaurant by the river near South Stoke
-Petersham meadows, a stunning stretch of the river painted by Turner
-Petersham Nurseries, a must-see for anyone with green fingers. Also boasts an excellent cafe with very good cakes!
-The Royal Gardens at Kew

As we know the area inside out, we also put together bespoke tours based on our customers' personal interests and requirements. Just drop us a line and we'd be happy to chat through some ideas with you.