Cycling holidays in Spain

Spain may make you think of beach resorts but cycling is a great way to explore the hidden parts of the coastline and the hitherto unfashionable interior and have a leisurely holiday with fewer tourists. Get off the beaten track and enjoy a more authentic Spanish experience. We have carefully chosen areas of Spain where mountains are the backdrop rather than the foreground, where lush meadows and natural beauty are pre eminent and where folklore and history abound. Our gentle holidays resonate with the relaxed lifestyle of the Spanish.

There’s a great variety of landscape, from hills and mountains to green valleys and very old towns and villages. It’s a country soaked in tradition and there’s so much local culture that remains intact - the food is a particular highlight and you can still sample traditional regional specialities, all washed down with fantastic local wine. We’re also especially proud of some of the hotels we use on our cycling holidays in Spain, including manor houses in Mallorca and ‘paradors’ - ancient buildings like monasteries, castles, palaces and manor houses, often in the most stunning locations, that have been turned into spectacular luxury hotels in mainland Spain.

The best times to visit are Spring and Autumn as it can be very hot in high summer. In early spring Mallorca is beautiful when the almond blossom is out and our holidays run until the end of November in central Spain.

Our Spain highlights

Monfrague National Park

Not only stunning scenery as the River Tagus cuts its way through the mountains, but also one of Europe’s largest breeding areas for birds of prey.

Included in our Land of the Spanish conquistadors holiday

Traditional villages

Despite its popularity Mallorca still has many medieval, traditional and authentic villages such as Sineu and Santa Maria del Cami.

Included in our Mallorca coast to coast holiday

Bird watching

Keep your eyes open for some stunning birdlife such as this Bee-eater, azure winged magpies and Spanish Imperial Eagles

Included in our Land of the Spanish conquistadors holiday


Paradores are monumental and historic hotels placed in legendary places and they are considered authentic art pieces, such as the Parador Caceres

Included in our Land of the Spanish conquistadors holiday

Almond Trees

From clouds of blossom in early spring to the ‘gató de almendra’, found throughout the island - Mallorca’s almonds are some of the best in the world.

Included in our Mallorca coast to coast holiday


Local speciality, freshly prepared snacks such as these Padron peppers - fried green peppers coated with crystalline sea salt

Included in our Mallorca in style holiday

Our Spain Cycling holidays