28th August, 2019

“There is no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes…”

Popularly attributed to Alfred Wainwright (famous for his walking guides) this quote had to be by a Brit and really sums up the attitude needed to enjoy everything the British weather can throw at you!

In general, as an island on the edge of a large continent our weather is temperate without extremes of heat or cold, or dangerous tornados, monsoons or droughts. However, within that temperate range the weather can vary on a daily basis. On a perfect summer’s day there is nowhere more beautiful than the British Isles with fluffy white clouds in an azure sky, the warmth of the sun tempered by a gentle breeze and the hedgerows full of wild-flowers, busy bees and clouds of butterflies as you pass by. The next day of course it will probably rain!

Predictably Unpredictable

In early summer May and June, the nights are lighter and while daytime temperature can reach 20-25 Celsius, the evenings can be cool, but wonderful to sit outside until 10pm where possible. Having got sunburnt in Scotland in early May, we returned south to the Chilterns to find we were lighting the fire on several June evenings!

July is generally the warmest month, and temperatures have soared into the 30s Centigrade on a couple of days this year. Whilst this is still rare, these sorts of temperatures are appearing more frequently. Extreme heat will often be followed by storms - of the exciting rather than scary sort (unless you happen to be trapped on the golf course!)

September, October and even November can provide wonderfully warm afternoons, and while the days are getting shorter, the stunning Autumn colours can make these ideal months for a walking trip. Knowing there is a cosy pub with a roaring fire and a good meal at the end can make even the less clement days enjoyable and provide a sense of satisfaction as you warm up with a well-earned pint (or hot toddy!)

Be Prepared!

We always send out a suggested clothing list to our clients and we would suggest you pack for every eventuality – loose light clothes; sunglasses; hat and sun-cream for the hot days, - extra layers; a rain jacket; hat; sturdy shoes/boots and maybe some spares for the rainy days.

Keep an eye on the local forecast (even in such a small island weather can be very local), so you have the best chance at not getting caught out. The British Meteorological Office (known as the Met Office) is the place to go for all things weather - click here for up to date forecasts.

Air Conditioning

A couple of weather related questions we have been asked concern air conditioning, and cycling in the winter months. Where possible, the hotels we choose are traditional and characterful and often several hundred years old – built well before air-conditioning! Whilst some larger and more modern hotels will have a/c, it is not common outside the larger cities and rarely needed. Of course, if it is a priority for any guest we will endeavour to find properties with air conditioning – but we can’t promise!

Winter Wanderings

Another request we have received a couple of times is for a cycling trip in mid-winter. While we hate not being able to oblige, we have to remind clients that while we can have pleasant sunny (if chilly) days in November and December, winter weather may include ice and fog as well as rain, and with darkness falling as early as 4pm (and earlier if it is a cloudy day), we would recommend cycling only to those hardy souls who are experienced and prepared!

Fortunately for anyone in need of a winter getaway we have some Winter Warmers - short walking breaks in the UK that inlcude some indoor sightseeing and lots of cosy inns! For those in need of a little more sun and cycling before winter we have some lovely trips in warmer climes such as Portugal, France and the exciting new Crossing of the Andes.

The vagaries of the weather have undoubtedly contributed to the British national psyche, and whilst we may grumble about it, how unexciting to know what to expect each day - and what on earth would we talk about!