28th April, 2021

A recent study has found that The Lake District is officially the most Instagrammed nature spot in the whole of the UK!

This probably (definitely) isn’t a surprise to locals, or holiday makers that have found beauty in the vast and remote expanses of the area. With lots of tough competition including Loch Ness, Ben Nevis and Stonehenge, The Lake District beat many of the other glorious spots that the United Kingdom has to offer.

With many holiday makers returning to the areas in and around Cumbria every year, there is a clear desire for walking and cycling holidays that offer incredible scenery, and a lovely change to the everyday hustle and bustle.

The Lake District is also officially the UK’s largest national park so it makes sense to see its beauty recognised in posts on Instagram. Containing 16 lakes and more than 150 high peaks, this popular nature spot is a favourite beyond the UK with international tourists too.

Be sure to check out one of England’s highest and most prominent mountains based within the Lake District - Helvellyn - if you’re up for a 5 mile walk and climb with our recommended guide.

As well as the scenic views, there are clear benefits of outdoor holidays to both physical and mental health,and if there is one positive to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s our reconnection and rekindling with the great outdoors. The contrast could be especially beneficial to residents of cities, where there is a constant hum of public transport and activity.

Just 30 minutes or one hour walking outdoors each day, breathing in fresh air and getting exercise is a sure-fire way to feel refreshed and grounded (so imagine how amazing you will feel after a week of walking in The Lake District!)

Because hiking holidays are often enjoyed in small groups of friends and family, they have significant links to happiness levels and endorphins associated with laughter and human interaction.

The study of Most Instagrammed Nature Spots was conducted by Absolutely Bear, a sustainable men’s clothing brand based in the UK. By combining data of exact match and associated hashtags of the top 100 beauty spots, they discovered the top 15, and surprise surprise we have trips to most of them - see links above!

Walking has been one of the few safe and social activities we have been able to do over the past year in the pandemic. In fact, there have been over one million people searching for “walks near me” in the UK alone in the last year!

As we look forward to the easing of restrictions and the impending opportunities to meet more friends and family outdoors, taking a trip to The Lake District should be definitely something to consider