Our Spanish cycling holidays

Cycling is the best way to discover the hidden parts of Spain. Most of our biking holidays explore the heart of Spain, which is much less developed than the coastal areas and not as well frequented by tourists. It's a great opportunity to get off the beaten track and enjoy a more authentic Spanish experience.

Why visit Spain by bike? Well, there's a great variety of landscape, from hills and mountains to green valleys and very old towns and villages. It's a county soaked in tradition and there's so much local culture that remains intact - the food is a particular highlight and you can still sample traditional regional specialties, all washed down with fantastic local wine. We're also especially proud of some of the hotels we use on our cycling holidays in Spain, including the 'paradors' - ancient buildings like monasteries, castles, palaces and manor houses, often in the most stunning locations, that have been turned into spectacular luxury hotels.

Cycling holidays in Spring and Autumn

The best times to visit are Spring and Autumn as it can be very hot in high summer. Two of our cycling tours in Spain are gentle, and one is not-so-gentle. The not-so-gentle tour includes overnight stays in the old paradores (old ancient buildings such as castles and palaces that have been converted into hotels) which are absolutely beautiful and at the top end of the luxury hotel scene in Spain.