Our Dutch cycling holidays

Holland is an absolute haven for cyclists and a trip on two wheels here is the best way to explore this beautiful country. Not only is the terrain famously flat (so no hard-work hills to tackle!), but there is a brilliant network of bike paths that are incredibly well designed and maintained - think tarmac surfaces, good signposting and traffic lights positioned at the eye level of cyclists.

There is a tremendous amount of variety on a cycling holiday in Holland as well - historical towns, breathtaking coastline, maritime history and charming canals mean our routes are dense with interest. Our self-guided itineraries are created with thought and care so you can immerse yourself in the local culture, soaking up the sights and sounds of the lesser-known parts of the country, as well as its headline attractions. The routes are gentle, (with the exception of a Grand tour of the southern Netherlands) which means roughly around only 20 miles a day of actual cycling, leaving plenty of time to stop for photos, coffee, lunch, more coffee and a nose around the villages you pass through. Our holidays in Holland last 4 nights or more, with overnight stays in the finest quality accommodation (including some high-end, luxury traditional Dutch barges, see below!) included. Luggage transfer, full support service and bike hire are also bundled into the price.

Bike and barge tours

Two of our trips - in fact two of our most popular cycling holidays ever - are 'bike and barge' tours, where you stay aboard a fabulous traditional Dutch barge, and venture off each day on guided (or self-guided if you prefer to explore independently) tours to nearby attractions and local points of interest. Living on a barge is a very 'Dutch' experience, and also means you wake up each day somewhere new, so there's real variety in terms of landscape and things to see and do. See our 'Dutch Craft, Flemish Art' and 'Spring tulips in Holland pages for more details.